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Tiffany Huba Bonilla - Born Jul 31, 1990. Tiffany Glenna Huba (Hue-Bah) was born and raised in FL. She was born in New Port Richey area in the Brooksville Hospital until she and her family moved to Tallahassee at the age of 1.5. So you can say, she's a true Tallahassee Lassie. Tiffany attended Wakulla County schools for all of her grade school years; Shadeville Elementary, Riversprings Middle School and Wakulla High. She then got her Associates from Tallahassee Community College with a full-ride scholarship and graduated with honors. She completed a year at Indiana Bible College studying music and theology: she received 3 scholarships in order to attend. After Bible School, Tiffany completed a 3 month internship with the UPCI Maryland DC District. Returning to Tallahassee the following semester she attend Florida State University where she graduated with her B.S. in Media Communications and a minor in Religion. During that time she was a Music Minister, started CAM (Campus Apostolic Ministry) and continued the development of online evangelism. After college, Tiffany focused even more on ministry while continuing to work for the State of Florida as a Marketing Director. She has spoken all over the US and abroad with focuses on the next generation, especially the next generation of young ladies. She plays piano, alto-saxophone and is a true soprano. In 2017, she became a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church.

Jonathan Bonilla-Sanchez - Born August 22, 1991. Jonathan Bonilla-Sanchez was born in Salem, Oregon and lived there until he was 11 years old. At that age he and his family moved to Mexico City, Mexico. Jonathan attended various schools during his time in Mexico and in the USA. At the age of 14, he became a Music Minister for a large consistency in Mexico. In 2010, Jonathan moved to Dallas for a year as music minister. In 2011, Jonathan and his younger 3 brothers and 1 sister started their Band, Bonilla Band which has ministered all across the US and Spanish speaking countries. In 2012 Jonathan and his family moved to San Antonio, TX where Jonathan served as Youth Pastor for 4 years.

In 2017, Jonathan felt the call to Terre Haute, IN and moved in the fall. He currently works at Wellness for Life as a Spanish Liaison and Office Operations Assistant. He also is heavily involved in New Life and Nueva Vida's ministries.


Jonathan and Tiffany both were raised and are grateful to be Apostolic-Pentecostal connected with the United Pentecostal Church International. April 19, 2017, Jonathan and Tiffany met on their first date in New Orleans because they were of the same faith, had mutual friends and attended the same events. They never stopped talking since that day and were married 5-5-18 in Thomasville, Ga. They went to Italy for their honeymoon. The Bonillas now live in Terre Haute, IN helping in the English and Spanish Ministries of New Life Fellowship under Pastor Jeffry Harpole and Alfredo Bonilla.


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